Darrin JillsonDarrin Jillson

Some may call Darrin scuba addicted, but he prefers the term scuba passionate. Either way he looks for every opportunity available to get under the water. When not underwater he enjoys raising his two kids with the assistance of his lovely wife. To pay for air refills he works in the information technology profession and is currently building mobile applications.

In 2007 Darrin finally took action on his lifelong dream to dive and pursued his PADI open water certification. Since that time he continued to learn everything he could about diving. He is working towards his PADI Rescue Diver certification.

He also assists with the MUD (Michigan Underwater Divers) Club website. He maintains the Scuba Obsessed websites & forums. He is founder and host the Scuba Obsessed Podcast.

Don "Mack" McAlhany Ready to Scuba DiveDon “Mack” McAlhany, The Dive Mentor

Don McAlhany (Mack): AKA: Tortuga Viejo (Old Moss Back) or more recently “The Old Walrus”. Started into diving in the early 60’s by building helmets made of 5 gallon food tins with air supplied via large bore bike tire pump and aircraft accumulators. Graduated to scuba diving in 1967, and “officially” certified in 1972 YMCA in order to get tanks filled. Obtained PADI & NAUI certs along the way, and picked up a commercial rating (Hard Hat) in 1978 from the Coastal School of Deep Sea Diving and worked commercial until 1987 doing NBC shallow (less than 250′) water diving. Mostly interested in shallow water “Grubbing”, and wreck diving. Anybody out there selling an ”inexpensive” mini-sub let him know. He maintains the website and published the monthly newsletter for the MUD (Michigan UnderWater Divers) Club. “Mack” is a regular host on the Scuba Obsessed Podcast. You can find out more of what Mack is up to at his website at // .

Jim ScholzJim Scholz

Jim has been diving for over 30 years. He started diving in the North Atlantic off the New Jersey coast. His first open water dive was in 60′ in the Atlantic Ocean on a wreck and ever since has been hooked on wrecks. 25 years ago he migrated from the cold, dark, deep dives of the North Atlantic to the cold, dark, deep dives of Lake Michigan and was amazed to see the wooden schooners of the Great Sail Age sitting intact on the bottom. He likes all wrecks but his favorites are the “Tall Ships” / wooden schooners that you can only find in the Great Lakes. To add to his knowledge of these long lost beauties he crews on the replica tall ship “Friends Good Will” out of South Haven, MI. If you have never been aboard this or another tall ship you need to take a tour. He is member of the Michigan Shipwreck Research Associates and applauds the work the group has done to locate wrecks in Southwest Michigan. He has been fortunate enough to participate with their on the water search program with Dave Trotter and has also spent some time on the water with Ralph Wilbanks and the NUMA team funded by Clive Cussler. He recently retired from Whirlpool where he served as a new products project launch manager and is selling scuba gear in a local dive shop. He is the President of the SWMUPC (Southwest Michigan Underwater Preserve Coucil). Jim has a unique skill to point out want hasn’t been harmed in the creation of a particular event. Jim is a regular host of a Scuba Obsessed podcast.

KevinKevin Ailes

Kevin is a serious Wreck Hunter & Researcher specializing in shallow water shipwrecks along the south west side of Lake Michigan, various rivers feeding the lake and a few inland lakes containing significant boats, ships or other artifacts.

Jim KliemannJim Kliemann

In 2007 Jim received his PADI open water certification. Since that time he continued to absorb everything the diving world has to offer. He is working towards his PADI Dive Master certification.

Jim was one of the founders of the Scuba Obsessed Podcast and occasionally returns to the microphone we he is not serving the area with his SnapOn dealership.

You can follow Jim on twitter @jkliemann. He assists with the MUD (Michigan Underwater Divers) Club website. He is a Sr. Moderator for the Scuba Obsessed websites & forums.