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Dive Forecast

It is always a great day for a dive! To help figure out if the best location is the big body of water or an inland location we have our dive forecast page. We created this because we kept losing the bookmarks to all the great places for this information.

The Summer 2011 –  2013  U-GLOS Station 45026 Near Cook Nuclear Plant

2011 & 2012 historical data - - Limno Tech

 Dial-A-Buoy – 1-888-701-8992 – If you know the Buoy number press “1″ followed by the five digit station identifier.  - 45026 for Cook Buoy.  Characters are entered simply by pressing the key containing the character. For Q, press “7″, and for Z, press “9″. For example, to enter CHLV2, press the keys 24582.

National Data Buoy Center – Great Lakes -  Marine Forecasts & Weather Information NOAA Grand Rapids Office)

Link for NOAA Marine Forecast Offices Great Lakes Marine Forecast (via Weather Underground)