Scuba Obsessed Episode 107 – I wasn’t looking at the shark.


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Mack, Jim and Darrin cover Scuba in the News. There was a distracting movie with an actress and a shark… we think there was a shark. Lake week’s lake 16 dive. Also the bad scuba joke of the week.

Scuba in the News

How old does a wreck need to be before it is looted?

  • Capsized cruise ship’s bell disappears off Italy
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  • Policeman John Harkins fell off ladder at work sues city for $105MILLION…and he won’t say what his injuries are | Mail Online?
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  • Florida dive expert to be featured on ‘Disappeared
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  • Brownie’s Marine Group Provides Company Update
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“While the outdoor recreation industry is on the road to recovery, the economic recession has had a lasting impact on the marketplace. Consumers are more demanding and discerning with increasingly higher price/value expectations. We believe, traditional “SCUBA” stores focused on a single, narrow market channel are highly vulnerable when compared to our multi-sport concept store: Brownie’s Adventure Centers. “

” The initial concept BAC in Boca Raton, Florida will feature all types of industry leading dive equipment, training, activity coordination, and services along-side a world class SUP compliment. Free-diving, Surface Supplied Diving, Yacht-Diving, Technical Diving, Science and Exploration Diving equipment, training and practice are rarely featured at traditional “dive shops” but will be optimally presented in the BAC creating a much broader potential revenue base. By expanding the audience of outdoor enthusiasts, such as paddle boarders, we will have the opportunity to introduce our core products (surface supplied air) to a new and broader audience. “


  • Lobster hunters have many options but little time – Outdoors
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Scuba Movies

  • Dark Tide (2012) | Horror Movie, DVD, & Book Reviews, News, Interviews at Dread Central?
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  • Divers aim to plumb depths of four lakes | This is Essex?
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Potentially cool gear

  • Scuba tech: Subwing lets you swim underwater
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