Scuba Obsessed Episode 65 – $100 for 12 hour. Is that parking or scuba diving?

Looking out to Paw Paw LakeScuba Obsessed 65 – $100 for 12 hour. Is that parking or scuba diving? Darrin and Mac brave it alone without Jim. This week in the news includes Aqua Lung buys Gorski, Researchers Examine Dive Therepy, Price on Sharks, 1000′ dive and scuba drop off zone. We also have a followup on Big Bay Point Parking and Scuba Diving. We also talk about some cool new gear with Waterproof 3D camera and dabble with scuba news in history. Sorry no joke this week, but we will make up for it next week with one super sninky!

@Mr_DeepSea   Up n Over 1000′ complete. HOOYAH DEEPSEA! Divers ok @scubaobsessed @dimplesAng_ @wickedpoptart @CynStorm @NavyPictures


Looking from Paw Paw Lake

Potentially cool new gear.


April 21… what year ? – 1973

Police Capture Scuba Diver With Cocaine



We found your underwear

We found your underwear

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