Scuba Podcasts

We decided to put together a list of active podcasts on scuba diving.

The criteria for active was they need to be publishing for at least 10 episodes and have published an episode within the last six months.

Scuba Obsessed

This is our podcast on Scuba Diving. The format is loosely base on those post dive conversations you have with your fellow scuba diver. From time to time we will have guests on the show from the dive industry as well as every day people who like to scuba dive. The show is broken up into sections. Interviews will typically start the show when we have a guest. This is follow by a section commenting global news stories that have a tie into scuba diving somehow. The purpose is to discuss these new events from a recreational diver’s perspective. We then migrate onto any cool gear, videos or dive photos we have run across. We then pile into a discussion on any dives we have had. This then gets capped off by a bad scuba joke.

Scuba Obsessed is the premier podcast for passionate scuba diving enthusiasts. Listen each week as Mack, Jim, Jim or Darrin obsessed over all things Scuba. They interview guests, discuss scuba diving in the news and geek out about their scuba dives past and future. They record live each Thursday at 9:00pm EDST. You can visit to find out how to listen live and participate in chat and forums. If you haven’t dove you haven’t truly lived. Come on out and get wet with your dive buddies.

Divers Sync

Our good friend Rich Synowiec host this weekly podcast. It contains a wealth of knowledge from someone who has been in the dive industry for a long time. Rich owns a couple of dive shops in the Ann Arbor Michigan area in addition to managing the dive concession at the White Star quarry in Ohio. He does a lot of diving and always has something to talk about.

DiverSync is a netcast and podcast for scuba diving enthusiasts and anyone else interested in the underwater world.Listen each week as your host, Rich Synowiec, a Professional Scuba Educator and twenty year veteran of the dive industry, talks about scuba diving, the diving industry and the underwater world.

Each week Rich will discuss scuba topics, travel, local adventures and things going on in the diving industry. There will also be guests on the show from time to time.

DiverSync is recorded live each week on a prescheduled day. We currently broadcast through an online forum called Talkshoe. For our upcoming show schedule and how to listen check out our live feed page link below.  There you are also able to download past episodes and leave feedback about the program.

Come listen and get excited about scuba diving, wherever you may be on this fantastic water planet of ours.


Joe Cocozza created one of the original scuba podcasts available. It was the short hiatus of his show that prompted us to create Scuba Obsessed. With over 20 years of hard core dive experience he puts together a great program.

PodDiver Radio gives you interviews with: diving experts, explorers and tech instructors. The podcast covers the topics of technical diving, cave diving, freediving, hyperbaric science, physical fitness, rebreathers, underwater imaging, diving medicine and adventure travel.

Scuba Radio

Greg the Dive Master has been creating the show with wide commercial success. As a radio professional and diver he puts together a polished program that appeals to diver and non-divers alike. His weekly two hour program is available as an audio podcast in addition to being played on a network of radio stations.

ScubaRadio is radio talk show with a diving theme. Pictures are painted of the underwater world as listeners and guests share their diving adventures.

Every diver has a story about the perfect dive, destination, or encounter with some amazing sea creature. ScubaRadio provides the forum. It’s like hanging out at a Tiki hut and sharing fish tales with friends.

The presentation is light hearted and entertaining as to not alienate non-divers from joining our little on-air dive club. Listeners have compared hearing ScubaRadio to watching “Shark Week” on the Discovery Channel. It’s compelling entertainment whether you’re a diver or not.

Planet Earth Diver

I have been diving for a number of years, but for a much longer time I have been a broadcaster. This is my effort to combine these two passions.

As host of ‘Planet Earth Diver’ I will bring you weekly interviews from people in the diving community. I will be talking to the dive pros about working in the dive world. I will be delving into the many courses that are out there for you to get certified with. There will be discussions with manufacturers and retailers about the latest dive gear. There will also be discussions about dive safety plus the greatest love of all: dive travel.

Here is a good redit link on Scuba Podcasts.

Drop us a line on our contact page if you think of some that we have missed.