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Scuba Obsessed Podcast Art

Scuba Obsessed is the premier podcast for passionate scuba diving enthusiasts. Listen each week as Mack, Jim, Jim or Darrin obsessed over all things Scuba. They interview guests, discuss scuba diving in the news and geek out about their scuba dives past and future. They record live each Thursday at 9:00pm EDST. You can visit scubaobsessed.com to find out how to listen live and participate in chat and forums. If you haven’t dove you haven’t truly lived. Come on out and get wet with your dive buddies.

In 2009 there were few Scuba Diving podcasts that were recording regularly. With limited scuba options to fill his daily commute audio needs Darrin Jillson decided to address that gap by creating the Scuba Obsessed podcast. With the help of his dive buddy Jim Kliemann they came up with the concept of Scuba Obsessed. The show was intended to share the amazing gift that scuba diving can be. The format was designed to duplicate the post dive gatherings that have become an important part of the scuba diving community. This is where divers gather, have some refreshments and share their dive excursion experiences. The show pulled from contacts that Jim and Darrin were making the in dive industry as well as utilizing the team members in their local dive club Michigan Underwater Divers.

Over the years the new regulars were added to the program and each brings their own unique perspective to the show.

Provide feedback, suggestions or questions for the show by emailing us at theshow @ scubaobsessed.com .