Condofish – Artificial Reef Project

The “Condofish” project in Guanacast, Cost Rica is a great example of ecology that benefits the environment and scuba diving. The artificial reef is constructed by volunteers out of concrete blocks. They converted a flat ocean bottom into a habitat for fish. This is also a great location to dive.


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  • condofish says:

    Thanks for the props! Come and dive the reef sometime!
    With the addition of the chunk of the Pekin Star shipwreck and over 9 months of growth on the calcium rich concrete blocks, the Playa Hermosa Artificial Reef Project is teeming with life. We’ve been spotting numerous rays, eels, crabs, conch, oysters, and multitude of different varieties of tropical fish all around and in the structures. Each block structure is covered with calcium based organisms and plants. It seems that one day it become a solid living entity. Rene even spotted a lobster underneath the shipwreck, meanwhile I had a baby octopus latching onto my hand while working on one of the condos. It’s been quite a fun last few weeks.

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