Episode 14 – Interview with Rich Synowiec of White Star Quarry & Jim’s Florida Dives

Scuba Obsessed
Scuba Obsessed
Episode 14 - Interview with Rich Synowiec of White Star Quarry & Jim's Florida Dives
0:00 – 2:15 Intro

2:15 – 55:40 Interview with Rich Synowiec of White Star QuarryWhite Star Quarry
When you are in Ann Arbor, MI you can drop in at Divers Incorporated  http://jacksonville.com/news/metro/2010-04-08/story/foster-teens-life-training-takes-them-underwater
55:40 – 1:08:20  Scuba in the news
1:08:20 – 1:31:30 Our last dives

Did Darrin get in trouble for his dive efforts with the family?
How was Jim’s dives in Floriday? Any Cave dives?
Jims Florida Dive
1:31:30 – 1:33:00 Our next dives

1:33:00 – 1:34:07 Check out our new ring tones

1:34:07 – 1:38:15 Can you Scuba Dive with an Apple iPad?Apple iPad Unboxed

1:38:15 – How long should these episodes be?
Would you like a seperate feed with shorter segments.
1:39:00  Thank you everyone in the chat room

1:40:00 – 1:41:45  This weeks bad scuba joke of the week. Care of @tweetant

1:14:45 Thank you for listening


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  • @tweetant says:

    Hey guys – great show.

    I really enjoyed the White Star Quarry interview and info. Given that I'm in the UK and will probably never visit the quarry some might argue the segment might be irrelevant to me, but I found it real interesting to listen to and if I were over your side of the world I'd definitely visit. Hope to hear a future podcast about your own adventures there 😉

    Shame about your Easter plans being thwarted, Darrin – your cunning planning for next year had me chuckling to myself – I know exactly where you're coming from 😉

    Jim – excellent review of your dives in the florida springs, thanks! Really enjoyed your description of the sites and particularly the atmosphere beneath the duck weed. Good job for not giving in to that curiosity to go further into the systems.

    Re length of episodes – my preference is about an hour on average though I do look forward to the podcast all week so I don't really mind if timing goes over. It would be great maybe to get more segments of shorter time into a single ep, but understandably that'd take a lot more work to prep and research.

    Keep up the good work guys. I'm a week behind but catching up. Dive safe!

    PS – thanks for the video clip of the paddle fish – never heard of those before. Apparently they were quite common in US rivers etc at one time. Sadly ironic they're now classed as 'unusual'. Must of been an awesome site.

    • ScubaTech says:

      Thank you for the comments. We really enjoy the feedback and it helps us out. We hope to make it enjoyable for everyone to listen even if you are not diving in our part of the planet.

      I had been looking for that sign and couldn't find it this time around.

      I think we will shoot for an hour and not worry too much if we go over. We are in the process of spinning off other projects related to the podcast. There may be some daily content that should be of interest if we can work out the details. We will also be creating some specialty podcasts that are scuba related. We will also be branching into the video side for some of the content soon.

  • Captain Feggles says:

    Ok so I just found scuba obsessed podcast a few weeks ago and I have been listening to the back log of episodes. I live in Jacksonville, Fl and people also had been ask me why I listen to you guys. The simple answer is well I am scuba obsessed also and I am in a car 8 hours a day. Then I got to this episode and I thought how funny here is two guys in Michigan talking about a sport I love and it seamed every segment was for me. Here is what i mean. I loved the interview with Rich Synowiec and gave me another spot on the want to dive list. Then the news talked about a local story here in Jacksonville. Which by the way now almost 4 months later I have that article in print next to bed to remember to always help give others the opportunity to enjoy something I love. Then Jim talks about the springs down here and the well the first one the devils den thats were I did my cert for open water. So next time someone ask i will just say because they talk to me. I cant wait till I am caught up and can sometimes listen live so I can pop on to the boards and ask questions. Till then keep up the great job.

  • ScubaTech says:

    We are so glad you are enjoying the program! The feedback is much appreciated. We love to share this great sport we share and we are really just getting started. We are excited about the new things coming down the road for the scuba industry.

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