Episode 27 – Scuba Obsessed Netcast – We are in deco!

Scuba in the newsReady to start the search

Cool Gear - Scuba Diving Chair

Go out there and get wet and dive safe.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGX9_S5s3ZI&feature]


  1. TweetAnt says:

    Woot, I've caught up with all the episodes 🙂

    Found the news item on the 'wet chamber' and the narcosis tests particularly interesting. Was susprised to hear they were breathing an air mix at 90m though - I thought the MOD for air was 50m...

    Nice ep guys. Looking forward to next week, and some point when I can join you guys in the live chat room.

    BTW - I came across this awesome clip on youtube last night whilst listening to the podcast. The fact it was on the USS Vandenburg reminded me of you guys and your previous episode talking about the radar dish. Plus, it techincally tells a story, so might count towards Darrin's quest towards watching all scuba related movies 😉

    1. djillson says:

      That is great! Very cool video too!

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