479 – Does a Scuba Certification Expire?

Scuba Obsessed
Scuba Obsessed
479 - Does a Scuba Certification Expire?

* We go long long long on this episode. Feel free to use the chapters markers to jump ahead. *

Does a Scuba Certification Expire?
How many dives a year should be required to be an active diver?


Scuba in the News

Archaeology breakthrough: Discovery of WW2 shipwreck unveiled ‘hidden secrets’

How Are Shipwrecks Found And Protected In United States Waters?

Three shipwrecks emerge simultaneously on Outer Banks island

Robotic jellyfish designed to help scour shipwrecks of the deep

End of scuba in the news

Local Diving Activities

Dive Safety Story – Lessons for Life – Diver Drowns with Full Tank of Air

Mack’s Question & Discussion – Does a Scuba Certification Expire?

Getting Episodes Edited – Your Support

Thanks to the chat room. Are they rubbing it in with dive photos?

Don’t Drink the Battery Acid

squirrel moments. – Mack’s been watching some movies…

Our next other thing…

Brains in Jars

iPhone 12

Quit Facebook? Mastodon option?

Soap Box Moment – Social Justice Warriors & the Noodle Kits. Social Media Money.

Elon Musk & Global Ecconomics

How much will Darrin cut out?

Recycling Batteries and Power Sources

Full Disclosure, Stocks and Shorts (Screw you Shorts!)

Bad Joke of the Week

Post Show Chat – What does Darrin Edit and how does he do it.
No Agenda Podcast
Next Mermaid Festival
Truk Lagoon

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