490 – Diving After the Jab

Scuba Obsessed
Scuba Obsessed
490 - Diving After the Jab

What does DAN Europe advise for diving after you receive a Vaccination? Listen to what we found out.

We also have received word of an Ohio Drive Quarry that is changing ownership.

What? Where are the missing episodes? Don’t worry. They are on their way. We have another significant format change coming in the next few weeks and wanted to get the current episode out before then.

— there are a few sections where Mack’s audio is a little clipping. We did clean it up as much as we could. It is still listenable, but does stutter and break a few times. The new format change should help address it or turn it into a big dumpster fire. Either way it could be entertaining. —

**Introduction **

**River water level and dead salmon**

**Scuba in the News **

**Diving After Your COVID-19 Vaccination: Guidelines**

**Calls to end mutilation, inhumane treatment of sharks and rays in SA**

**Derek in Melbourne – Local Diver Perspective – **

**Scientists Concerned About the Bottom of the Food Web in the Great Lakes**

**Teen designs, builds underwater vehicles**

**Willard Bay State Park adds a new day use pond**

**Researchers Recover More Artifacts from the Ship that Carried the Elgin Marbles**

**Apple wins Patent for a distinct Underwater Mode GUI for a Future iPhone**

**Nuclear-powered super-yacht costs $3m a ticket but climate change students will ride for free**

**End of scuba in the news**

**Gilboa Quarry with new Ownership**

**Wrapping Up**

**Bad Joke of the Week**

Format Change is less than a month away – Youtube

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