497 - Don’t Eat the White Foam

Scuba Obsessed
Scuba Obsessed
497 - Don’t Eat the White Foam

497 - Don’t Eat the White Foam
Sea Creatures In Space

Darrin may have gotten a dive in. Predictions on vis and water temperature?
Video shown during intro and outdo curtesy of Karen Mann. Manta Ray Dive.

Introduction - Who got a dive in? Weekly dives back.

Scuba in the News

Crews clean up oil leaking from remains of Georgia shipwreck

Lake Michigan shipwreck suddenly moves after being embedded in sandbar for decades
MLive Article Photo Credit - Craig Rich MWRA
Some local photos
Photo Credit - Don “Mack” McAlhany
Photo Credit - Kevin Ailes

Investigation launched after pieces of 1883 shipwreck found on Huron beach

Divers could be spreading fatal coral disease

People and Pets Urged to Avoid Contact with Lake and River Foam

SpaceX launches sea creatures, solar panels to space station

SpaceX launches sea creatures, solar panels to space station

Mysterious giant skull washes ashore on New Jersey beach

Beneath Tennessee River, Steamboat Wreckage Presents Mystery

Missing Swedish 'Titanic' Accidentally Found After Over a Century on Seabed

The Deep House Trailer Promises an Underwater Haunted House Horror Film

(47:22) - Would you dive this? - The Deep House Trailer

(49:30) End of Scuba in the news

(49:38) Dives this week. Karen, Jim and Darrin in South Haven.

(51:09) Surface Dive Video since vis was so poor.

(56:30) Upcoming dives - Niles, MUD Club Tankfull Tuesday - Little PawPaw and SASS dives

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Bad Joke

Punch Line and Outro

Format Change is happening - Youtube

Intro & Outro Music

Music “Tornado” by Wintergatan

This track can be downloaded for free at www.wintergatan.net

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