498 – 498 – Just a Little Sea Snot

Scuba Obsessed
Scuba Obsessed
498 - 498 - Just a Little Sea Snot

Introduction – MUD Club back to in person meetings.

Scuba in the News

Diver looking for shark teeth is attacked by alligator in Florida river and survives: ‘I was thanking God’

Molecular Changes in White Blood Cells May Help Diagnose ‘the Bends’ in Scuba Divers

Turkey launches campaign to clean up “sea snot”

Endangered blue whales recorded off southwest coast of India

NASA Partners With Ocean Research Body To Map And Protect Coral Reefs

New Crowdfunding Regulations Now Provide Access to 100-year-old Booty


https://lordsoffortune.com/ — Yes, they are looking for investors.

How Do Shipwrecks Affect Marine Life and the Environment?

(43:57) End of Scuba in the news

(44:05) Podcast to Video – Video Only Content

(45:45) Thank you for support!

(46:15) Local Diving
Tankfull Tuesdays are back
Sass dive was at Lake 16
Some wreck documentation and a ring recovery.
Havanna dive
River conditions after the rain

Mack’s Dive Safety Story – Skipping the buddy check

Closing Remarks – UFOs
Thank you for your support!

Bad Joke

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Bad Joke

(1:07:40) Outro
Format Change is happening – Youtube

Intro & Outro Music

Music “Tornado” by Wintergatan

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