Scuba Obsessed Episode 25 – More scuba diving in warm water is dangerous & Six Months

Scuba in the newsIn the water at Diamond Lake

Scuba Discussions of the week!

On the website –

On Facebook – If someone called you right now for an awesome dive, what is the quickest you could be ready?

Diamond Lake DivePlanning the dive

Cool Gear!

Another Underwater Car

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Video of the week

Video – Diver in Portal to Maya Underworld

This is a great video of a scuba diver exploring spring fed pools in Belize. Part of the project is to learn more about Mayan offerings.

Send us a list of your favorite scuba movies. If the movie has scuba diving in it we want to know about it. We will be reviewing the movies through our scuba mask covered eyes.

If you are interested in unique business growth oppertunies for scuba related industries please contact us. We will help you put together a program to meet your business objectives.

If you have questions or comments for the show you can record the audio in preferrable an MP3 format and send it to us.

Yep! And that bad scuba joke of the week…

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