Scuba Obsessed Episode 60 – No more births, weddings, divorces or funerals… only diving

Still High Water
Still High Water

Some of this week’s scuba in the news

  • Scuba Royalty
    • Prince hints at scuba honeymoon
      • //
  • Scuba Fundraiser
    • Scuba Benefit to Help Local Search & Rescue
      • //
  • Confiscated Artefacts
    • Divers apprehended at protected site
      • //
  • Some Empties
    • Beer can collector looks for rare examples in Croydon
      • //
  • English Channel Scuba Dash
    • Scarborough divers in English Channel sea scooter bid
      • // Potentiall cool scuba gear.
  • Salvidor Dali would love these and a lobster
    • Scuba Stilettos
      • //

Darrin and Jim rant about diving this week. Not just talking but ranting.

Also talk about being on //

Also check out //
Darrin talks about his upcoming trip to Washington D.C.

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