Scuba Obsessed Episode 64 – One goes in and six come out

Not Deep Enough - Log over Lemon CreekThis week Darrin is solo and with a full chat room. We discuss scuba in the news Revisit of Scuba from the dock, Is Nitrox good?, Royally toasting, Dive Carrey and Scuba Frisbe Next? We also share some cool gear with a super mini-sub. We have our scuba news in history challenge. The plans some upcoming dives before the bad scuba joke brings everything to a hault. A slight tease of the Scuba Obsessed Divers’ Round Table. We had scuba celeberties on the line so it was a great time.


  • Revisit: Scuba from the dock
    • Divers may be paying for 30th Sideroad dock usage (Beeton, Ontario)
      • //
  • Is Nitrox Good… Again
    • Scuba Diving = Crappy Vessels?
      • //
  • More royalty
    • Divers in underwater royal wedding toast (UK)
      • //
  • Dive Carrey
    • Carrey parties in diving suit
      • //
  • Branding
    • PADI dives into licensing
      • //
  • Scuba Frisbe Next? (CA, USA)
    • TUSA Partners with Wham-O®, Morey and Churchill Brands to Offer New Watersports Products
      • //

Potentially cool new gear

  • To the Bottom
    • Triton 36,000 Submarine Gets Stronger Under Pressure
      • //


Scuba News in History

  • April 7…. what year  2004?
    • French scuba team finds parts from Saint-Exupery’s missing plane
      • //

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