Scuba Obsessed Episode 66 – Special Guest Clare Wilders of DiveBunnie. The red sea and warm water.

Kirk, Bob, Jim S. and Darrin on Lake Michigan Scuba DiveDarrin and Mac interview a special guest on the show, Clare Wilder of DiveBunnie. Clare share with use her experience as a dive instructor at Sharm el Sheikh in the Red Sea.

She hangs on for the whole show and helps out with Scuba in the news and talks about her dives.



Here are the articles we covered in the news.

Some Potentially Cool Scuba Gear

Last week Mac dove Paw Paw Lake, Indian Lake and Pipestone Lake. Darrin dove Lake Michigan for a site survey. Clare dove in the Red Sea with some students. She just missed out on a whale shark. Fish activity is increasing.


The bad scuba joke…. this time it is political….

Bob passing the Saint Joseph Michigan Light House



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