Scuba Obsessed Episode 73 – Patoewie – You smell like a scuba diver

Michigan City Clare (a.k.a. Dive Bunnie), Mac (the Mentor) and Darrin talk about more scuba. We have scuba in the news, last weeks dives and some dry suit talk. All before things go wrong with the bad scuba joke of the week “scuba season”. Items covered in the news include, Patoewie, Scuba Donation, Young at heart, Still married and eeee too much? We talk about the upcoming dive boat project.

  • Patoewie
    • Shark Attacks scuba diver (look at the comments)
      • //
  • Scuba Donation
    • Eunice family donates scuba gear
      • //
  • Almost Open Water
    • A lively American snorkeler and a dead turtle on the Great Barrier Reef
      • //
  • Young at heart
    • Couple takes the plunge
      • //
  • Still married
    • Dadeville diver recovers wedding ring from Lake Martin
      • //


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