Scuba Obsessed Episode 74 – Patoewie – You smell like a scuba diver

This week Darrin is solo on the podcast but we still have plenty to cover. Scuba in the news and we talk about two great lake michigan dives. Something to learn, Diver Found!, Too much fishing line, Mostly Trash, Sunglasses Found, Ring Found but not owner, Scuba Manufactor Buys Dive Shop, Certified Lionfish Slayer and Human Powered Subs. We also talk about some potentialy cool scuba geat before the bad joke ends it.

  • Something to learn
    • BBC News – Dorset coast scuba diving accidents are highest in country‏
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  • Diver Found!
    • Working together, captains find missing diver | The Triton‏
      • //
  • Too much fishing line
    • Turtle rescue | turtle, rescue, endangered
      • //
  • Mostly Trash
    • Trash but little treasure in harbour clean up | News | NT News | Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia |‏
      • //
  • Sunglasses Found
    • Sunglasses retrieved, 4 years after plunge into Lake
      • //
  • Ring Found but not owner
    • Man trying to find Emma Sansom class ring’s owner |‏
      • //
  • Scuba Manufactor Buys Dive Shop
    • Brownie’s Marine Group plans to acquire U.S. 1 Scuba‏
      • //
  • Certified Lionfish Slayer
    • :: Cayman dive operators offer special lionfish culling course‏
      • //
  • Human Powered Subs

Potential Cool scuba gear

  • It’s Magnets!
    • Magnets Enable Small Design for Underwater Communication Tools‏
      • //
Dive Boat at idle

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