Scuba Obsessed Guests



Don "Mack" McAlhany Ready to Scuba DiveDon McAlhany -Episodes 02, 36 and 40

Don has been diving in one form or another since 1963. He is a member of the Michigan UnderWater Divers or more aptly named MUD Club http://mudclub.scubaobsessed.com Don also enjoys flying planes or jumping out of  them most frequently with a parachute. Don’s Mud Club Bio is here. Since this interview he has joined the podcast as a host.

Kathy of Just Add H2O -Episode 04

Kathy is the owner of Just Add H2O dive shop in Granger, IN.  Her and her staff sell and service a variety of scuba gear. This is the shop we can blame for training Jim and Darrin. They received both their open water and advanced certifications from their staff of instructors. We don’t believe however that they are responsible inflicting Jim and Darrin on the scuba podcasting world.

Bob Sweeney Rebreather Ice DiveBob Sweeney -Episode 05


Bob is a technical diver currently diving in the great lakes. He frequents many of the wrecks and takes advantage of his rebreather when ever he can. He is an active member of the Michigan UnderWater divers or MUD club.

9780980175028_For_Those_In_Peril_CoverColorSm1Craig Rich -Episode 06

Craig Rich is the author of Diveheart which is available on his website.

He has 37 years of diving experience and actively researches and documents shipwrecks off West Michigan in addition to maintaining the MSRA (Michigan Shipwreck Research Associates) web page.

We understand that he also enjoys cigar and Guinness.

Jim-ElliottJim Elliot -Episode 09

Jim Elliot left his job in professional media to pursue his passion and help others. As the founder of Diveheart he and his organization has been able to help children, adults and veterans with disabilities through the sport of scuba diving build confidence and independence while improving their health. As we all know it is also a lot of fun.



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