Scuba Ringtone #6

Scuba Obsessed
Scuba Obsessed
Scuba Ringtone #6

Another unique sound in our Scuba Ringtone Series. Here are some sonar pings made into a ring tone. This is a sound rarely used when trying to locate scuba divers.

ScubaObsessed6_removemp3.m4r.mp3 <– This is the iPhone ringtone. Put it in your iTunes ring tones folder (right clicks and save target as). You will need to remove the .mp3 extension. iTunes wants files to end in .m4r.

ScubaObsessed6.mp3 <– This is the MP3 ringtone. It depends on your phone but you should be able to use it (right click and save target as)

If you hear this while diving something big is following you...


If you have a problem figuring out how to make the ringtone work then post a comment here with the phone you have and what the problem is and we will give you a hand.

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