Scuba Backlog 1 - Mayish - 367

Scuba Obsessed
Scuba Obsessed
Scuba Backlog 1 - Mayish - 367

Original Show Date: 05/17/2018 9:30 PM EST (recorded live)
We are behind on getting our episodes edited. We hope you have a good drive trip planned so you have plenty of drive time to consume these gems.

Scuba in the new

  • Another Cocos Tiger Shark Attack
    • A lucky 30-year-old German male diver escaped intact after being attacked by a tiger shark near Manuelita Island, Isla del Cocos, Costa Rica on April 28. The animal bit into his tank and BC but he managed to free himself from his rig and swim to the surface while the shark ripped his gear to pieces as other divers look on. He was shaken but unhurt. Last November, an American, Rohina Bhandari, died after a tiger shark attacked her at the same location (Undercurrent January 2018). This is the sixth confirmed unprovoked shark attack in Costa Rican waters since records began.
  • Don’t Flame Your Mask
    • Last month, we reported to our subscribers that a few Hollis masks had shattered when a diver hit the water, and now we have found the culprit: not the mask, but the diver. As you know, you must polish the inside surface of a new mask to remove the coating and prevent it from fogging. However, some divers try to burn off that coating with a cigarette lighter, but this can weaken the tempered glass and may result in a frameless single face-plate mask shattering on impact with the water, especially if the strap is pulled so tight it stresses the weakened glass. The proper way to remove the film is to polish the glass with a gentle abrasive such as old-fashioned white toothpaste.

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