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Shearwater Predator

Shearwater Predator

The Scuba Obsessed Team heading into Chicago to the Our World Underwater dive show. While we were there we got to see some great seminars and get our hands on with some great gear. We have to blog about some of the cool stuff we saw.

In no particular order here we go with our first post from the show.

After a nice dry suit (a post also coming soon) the item I would most love to pickup is a nice technical diving computer. Not that I am diving all that deep yet, but I like to be prepared. As the ultimate geek I was drawn to the Shearwater Predator Computer. Not sure what it was that first caught my eye, but it easily could have been the bright OLED display.

I won’t give you all the details on this computer. You can just as easily get it from their website here http://www.shearwaterresearch.com/pages/dive-computers , but these are some of the features I liked:

• The bright OLED display
• The screen using color to clearly convey meaning. Green is no warnings while yellow or red communicates warning or unusual value.
• Includes dive log software
• Blue Tooth to download your dive log without plugging in a cable
• Easy to change battery
• Large buttons
• Easy to change settings during the dive, such as going from closed circuit to open circuit or changing gas mixes
• Each unit wet pot tested to 11 ATA
• Software is upgradable and sometimes you can upgrade your hardware too (from pursuit to predator for example)

After seeing this computer I asked by tech dive buddy Bob if he had seen one of these yet. His response was that he owned two of them. He had the LCD models and said he was planning on sending one of them in to be upgraded to the OLED version soon. Very cool! Now I just need to save up for one of these bad boys. I don’t really need one yet, but as I work towards the world of tech diving a computer like this would do me well.

** disclaimer – This is not a review. I have never used the computer on a dive (not that I wouldn't love to). Shearwater didn't pay us for this posting. They just thought I was your everyday dive show visitor. **