I live at the bottom of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. I have to hike 7.5 miles to get to my cabin. I listen to you guys on my hike and love your podcast. I'm off to dive tomorrow in Cozumel for 10 days. I got a new camera and I'm looking forward to breaking it in. I have been diving in Grand Cayman, Belize, Cozumel, Cos...ta Rica, Bonaire, Hawaii, Roatan Hunduras...Hello, my name is David and I am Scuba Obsessed.

-David Meyer


Great all around!

One of the few ACTIVE scuba podcasts out there. Far too many others have gone dormant. Great listening in the car, around the home, deployed overseas, surface interval, whatever. A good balance of topics. Keep it up!

- phalanxd


Me likey

Excellent for the scuba fan I'm only 12 and I am already a master scuba diver!!
Great for any time of the day and especially road trips

-some metal fan

You guys have something going here!

I was lucky enough to stumble on your podcast a week after you've started. Now I can wait to download the next one. I been listening for years to other very familiar scuba podcasts and has now added Scuba Obsessed to my list.

Keep the good work up and thanks for what you are bringing to scuba divers and anyone who might be interested in scuba.

PA diver

Keep up the great work! We are enjoying your efforts! Can't always join you at showtime in chat but listen after the fact while driving for work! Dive Safe!

Mark H. Easter

Just getting back into diving after a layoff of several years, recently found your podcast and really enjoy it. Heading to Morehead City in June and hoping to hit the U354. Have you ever covered this dive in any of your podcasts? Thanks for your time and looking forward to the next podcast.


When I learned I was going to be going to Hawaii and getting SCUBA certified I did some research and found this podcast. It provided me with lots of information (as well and entertainment) for becoming a Diver. It is an awesome show and I can't get enough of it. Definitely recommend this to anyone who is or ever will be a diver. Two thumbs up!