The Scuba Obsessed Divers’ Round Table – DRT 63 part 2 – How was your summer? Mine was only two days long

  • Darrin Jillson
  • Don McAlhany
  • Rich Synowiec
  • Craig Castle-Mead
  • Dave Tonneman
  • Mike Cory

D.C. Seawall


Rich of Diversync talks a little bit about his Cooper River Dive.
We got sidetracked talking about Samoa and MAC’s Daughter’s Podcast.
Talked a little bit about diving in Europe and the Middle East.
Rich dreams about finding a rock that Jesus thew in the water or a
sandle that Moses wore.
Darrin talks about the Washing D.C. Tidal Pond and the ongoing repairs
on the Jefferson Memorial sea wall and the Reflecting pool by the
Lincoln Memorial.
We drift into talking about diving in Southern Californa. Shout Out to
Bob Mistro and BodyGlove.
We discuss some of the other podcast and scuba shows available.
I get critical about getting critical. That should not be surprising.
We discuss the theroy of scuba podcasting.
We do a little dry suit talk. Rich loves his low drag dry suit.
“How was your summer? Mine was only two days long”. We need four hot
days to kick off the non-scuba obsessed divers into the dive season.
We discuss Bonaire in May and the art of kid shipping.
Back on the boat topic with a boat we spotted from Catamaran Coaches, Inc. //

We are looking to become independantly wealthy so we can dive we each of our fans.
Had some comments on some of the scuba swag.

D.C. Tidal Basin

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