The Scuba Obsessed Divers’ Round Table – Episode 51 part 2 – What did you find that you need a lift bag and Indian Love Stone


    The Clam!

    Darrin Jillson

  • Jim Klieman
  • Don “Mac” McAlhaney
  • Rich Synowick
  • Duane Johnson
  • Craig Castle-Mead
Megldone Teeth
Surface Narcosis Training
Cooper River and Captain Tom
Sheboygan Clam Shell [link to gian clam photo]
Rich’s bottle cleaning [link to facebook photo]!/photo.php?fbid=484210682202&set=o.233252943379
Wash basin with concrete and two femurs.
Aircraft falling off of aircraft carrier in Lake Michigan
White Star Quarry –
Underwater Photos
Diver Drop Out Rates
Ice Diving
River Diving
Walking Liberty Half Dollar – 1883
If it was worth diving it was worth writing down.

Admitted drinks consumed. Beer (various), Screwdriver, Wine (Lemon Creek Winery – Silver Beech Serenade)

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