This Week’s Special Guest Captain Jitka Hanáková

We are please to announce that we will be joined this week by Dive Boat Captain and renowned rebreather diver Jitka Hanáková. Captain Jitka Hanáková is the owner of Shipwreck Explorers LLC, and Owner/Captain of the charter boat Molly V, based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She is an avid Great Lakes diver, award winning underwater photographer, and also enjoys free-diving, cave diving, and ocean wreck diving.  She has dived waters ranging from the Great Lakes to caves in Florida and salt water wrecks in the Atlantic Ocean including the wreck of the Andrea Doria. Jitka has been diving since 2000, has been using rebreathers (closed circuit) mixed-gas technology since 2008, and has successfully used this technology to gain access to cold water shipwrecks at depths approaching 400 feet.  A US Coast Guard Licensed Captain, she has been working and diving aboard Molly V since 2007 and has been Molly’s Owner and Captain since 2008. Jitka has been active in both terrestrial research and on-water searching for new discoveries for many years. Her first discovery was the steamer M.H. Stuart in 2009, then the historic discovery of the steamship L.R. Doty in the spring of 2010.  This world-class discovery resulted in a National Geographic documentary the “Ghost Ships of the Great Lakes”, which has aired on national television.  Jitka was the keynote speaker at the Ghost Ships Festival in 2011, where she shared her experiences finding and diving the wreck of the L.R. Doty.  In the spring of 2015, Jitka and her team discovered and dove the long missing steamship Alice E. Wilds off of Milwaukee, completely preserved in over 300ft of water.  Jitka works as a Business Analyst / Systems Consultant for local firms when the lakes are frozen.

If you have questions you would like us to consider asking Jitka please email us at, post them to our facebook page or mention us on our twitter account at @scubaobsessed. We on track to start recording around 9pm eastern time on Thursday February 16th. You will be able to hear us live and participle in the chat room at // on the night of the recording. The edited episode will be available by Saturday August 18th.

You can find out additional information about Jitka’s diver charters on the Ship Wreck Explorers website // .

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